@MEX Story

Our Journey

As an eating joint, we know how much people enjoy Mexican but can’t get enough of authentic flavours with the right meat to compliment it. As the first Australian Halal Mexican eatery, we know precisely how different seasonings come together with the finely cut and prepared meat to create a paradise of flavour with every bite you take.

Our menu is vast with mouth-watering salsas and the bold flavours of your favorite Mexican food brought in with superfood ingredients: a heavenly delight your taste buds would crave.


As is rightly said that food is the way to someone’s heart, our exhaustive menu has everyone’s favourites included in a wholesome manner within prices that will also let your pocket have a revel!


Our staff is dedicated to helping you choose the best meal for every mood. They run a robust system helping you make the most of every bite.


A burst of colourful interiors, giving you the urban hippie feels right with the warm Mexican feels. Full of art and resonating music, you’re bound to settle in with homely feels, letting you indulge in every bite with zeal.

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